There’s Never A Wrong House When Soulwinning!

There's Never A Wrong House When Soulwinning!

I was visiting a Mrs. Turner on Indiana Street.

Now, Indiana Street is only one block from Truman Street. Since the words “Turner” and “Truman” are a lot alike, I accidentally went to Truman Street instead of Indiana Street. I came to the right number, however, knocked on the door, and asked if Mrs. Turner were in.

“No,” she said, “My name is McDowell.”

I said, “This is Indiana Street, isn’t it?”

She said, “No, this is Truman Street,” and then I realized that I had the right number but the wrong street.

I turned to walk away when suddenly the Holy Spirit prompted me to witness to Mrs. McDowell.

I told her my name and where I was from, and immediately she went into near-hysteria. When she finally gained control of her emotions, she said, “I can’t believe it, for when you knocked on the door, I was on my knees next to my sofa asking God to send a preacher by to tell me how to be saved.”

>From then on it was easy. I did tell her how to be saved, and she did receive Christ. I thought I was on Indiana Street looking for Mrs. Turner; the Holy Spirit led me to Truman Street to win a Mrs. McDowell.

A similar experience took place a few years ago when, as I was winning a little lady, she prayed, “Dear Lord, thank you for answering my prayer of this morning that you would send a preacher by my house today.”

A few days ago I was in Texas and saw one of my converts, a Mrs. Tillett, whom I won to Christ years ago after finding I had the wrong house.

I had knocked on the door and asked for a certain lady.

“She lives a few houses down,” answered the lady at this house.

“But are you a Christian?” I asked Mrs. Tillett. She began to weep, and in a few moments, I led her to Christ.

Shortly afterward her husband was saved, and a few days ago we rejoiced with each other about this experience which took place many years ago.

One of the ladies saved at the wrong house is still a faithful attendee of the services at the First Baptist Church of Hammond.


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