Find widely circulated photos and a never before seen look into the life of Dr. Jack Hyles.

Jack Hyles Pastor's School

A Closer Look Into The Life of Dr. Jack Hyles

Jack Hyles was a renowned pastor, author and friend to preachers. He was known for his powerful and practical preaching, which was imbued with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Throughout his career, he conducted numerous evangelistic campaigns and Bible conferences and preached in every state in the US and abroad.

He also held 37 annual Pastors’ Schools, which drew thousands of preachers from around the world, and authored over 50 books. Hyles served as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond until his death on February 6, 2001.

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Find original prints, reprints, and never-before-published works of Jack Hyles in one place.

Pastoral Notes

During his ministry, Dr. Jack Hyles gave counsel on a daily basis. We’ve collected the notes he used that has the Bible principles used in each situation.

Jack Hyles
Jack Hyles Pastor's School

Sermon Outlines

When he didn’t have a 3×5 card out writing notes, he would always have a small piece of paper used to write down notes for his sermons.

Poems & Writings

Known to some, Bro. Hyles loved to write. He would often write a poem for a special occasion or to honor a friend in his life.