Premarital Counseling: Finances

by Jack Hyles

Most financial problems are not financial problems, they are brain problems.

You don’t have to live in luxury.

You don’t build an army with complainers, you build an army with those who have it tough.

The average adulterer and fornicator knows nothing about marital sex.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage.

One moth before the wedding – two hour session.

1.  Finances: live by a budget.  Being a spend thrift will cause serious problems in a marriage.

Budget based on $1100 a month:

  • 1.  Tithe——————–$110
  • 2.  Rent ——————–$250, (1/4 to 1/3 dep.  On income if utilities are paid)  $350
  • 3.  Car ———————$100
  • 4.  Gas ———————$100
  • 5.  Car insurance ———$50
  • 6.  Food ——————–$200  ($1/ person/meal)
  • 7.  Utilities —————-$100
  • 8.  Clothing —————$40
  • 9.  Insurance ————–$40
  • 10. Savings —————$40  (try to save 6 mos. salary)
  • 11. Doctor —————-$40
  • 12. Misc. ——————$30

2.  I Cor. 7:3-5  Romance; read and explain these verses.

  • a.  Tell them they must promise never to refuse each other’s romantic advances.
  • b.  Tell them to get counsel about sex; talk to the man and recommend someone to         talk to the woman.
  • c.  Remind them to have one person to whom they can go and will go if they have a problem.
  • d.  Require them to read books.  (The Act of Marriage)
  • e.  Suggest that both the husband and wife have an attractive evening wardrobe.
  • f.  Remind them about personal cleanliness.

Each item in the budget should have a separate page in a ledger.  There should be five columns: date, deposit, expenditure, paid to, balance.

Whatever it takes, you don’t get this page in the red.

You could get along easily with one meal a day with one food item on the plate.

You will have a pretty sorry family devotion after a fight over finances.

I refuse to live in luxury.

I want to live like my people live.

Bro. Hyles gave his people $1 per meal menus.  He also had a thrift shop fashion show on Wednesday night.

Keep beans on hand.

Keep rice on hand.

Keep eggs on hand.

Keep hot cereal on hand.

Only one should be in charge of the finances.

Only one should sign the checks.

Your wife should have at least $10 a week spending money.

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