The Calm

The Calm

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a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

I complained to the Lord; it was raining outside
The winds were tossing me sore
I expected the Lord to calm this dread storm
The winds continued to roar

I begged and I pleaded for peace to be mine
Peace was far from my sight
I asked Him to see that nothing went wrong
It seemed that nothing went right

Then He said, My child, the storms of your life
Have no eternal decline,
Tis the storms that I use to remold a life
Transformed to the image of mine

The storms of your life won’t forever be still
The trials won’t cease to be
But I’ll calm the storm stirring deep in your heart
Tis then you will be free

Though the storms of my life continue to rage
To me the storm is o’er
Deep in my heart lies a calm, sweet place
Where the rain comes down no more

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