The Principle of Waiting

by Jack Hyles

1.  Act swiftly; do not decide swiftly.  (A good motto for a ministry.)  Take your time in deciding what to do and then act swiftly.

2.  Wait before performing martial counseling.  Most wounds heal themselves; we rush too quickly to the doctors.  This was known as “passing the crisis” in the days prior to antibiotics.

The chances are that most people asking for marital counseling will be soon reconciled.  Wait 48 hours in all but the most extreme cases; two-thirds never come.

3.  Waiting concerning hiring employees. Most of the church splits in America are caused by employees. Bro. Hyles has waited for up to 3 years before hiring staff members.               Always wait at least 3 months.

You will hurt yourself if you are a fast hirer.

I suspect that this is the biggest mistake pastors make.

4.  Wait before spending money or making a purchase.

5.  Wait before firing somebody. You hire right, you won’t have to worry about firing. Firing is caused by improper hiring. Bro. Hyles has not fired anyone in 41 years. If I hire the wrong person, I share in the crime. Firing deeply affects many people, such as a wife, children, etc., all of whom will be uprooted.

‘Firing carelessly is wrong morally.’

Three things Bro. Hyles cannot tolerate.

  • 1.  Pretty boys.
  • 2.  Laziness
  • 3.  Disloyalty or a-loyalty.

It is wrong for innocent people to suffer because you hired the wrong person.

When a staff member leaves, other church members will follow him, or leave your church.  Some fellows are worth their salaries even though they do nothing because of the tithes of his followers.

6.  Wait before spanking a child, (once he can walk).  Nine times out of ten, if you are spanking him immediately, you are mad.  No child should be spanked while you are mad.  A child deserves a chance to explain why he did what he did, and to know why you are spanking him.  Immediate punishment is ‘mob lynching.’

7.  Wait before accepting a resignation.  Ask them if they will wait and pray about it.  Ask women to wait one month.  (If it is resignation you want, grab it now.)

8.  Wait before resigning.  God will lead you from where you are to some other place.  Don’t leave a place unless you have another place to go.  Unemployed preachers are not good employment prospects. Don’t let resignation be an option.  Most preachers resign when affected by discouragement.

9.  Wait before mailing a letter of rebuttal.  This will probably eliminate an unnecessary exchange.  Wait until you are sure there is no emotion involved.

10.  Wait before making a verbal rebuttal.  Don’t be quick to express your opinion.

11.  Wait before disagreeing with your wife.  Let her have her own opinions, friends, etc.

12.  Wait before fighting, whether fighting back or starting one.

Bro. Hyles motto:  No defense, no attack.

13.  Wait before borrowing or building.  Never build a building just because you want a new building.  Build for your Sunday night crowd, not your Sunday morning crowd.

14.  Wait before making a decision.  The fact that you are being rushed probably means it is the wrong one.

15.  Wait before selecting lay workers for key positions.  Get references.

16.  Wait before giving your opinion unless asked; if it is a casual conversation, don’t give it then.I don’t like to express my opinion unless it is needed for someone to be helped.

17.  Wait before starting a new ministry.  Bro. Hyles did not teach soul winning for the first three years he was here.  He was more concerned with getting bartenders out of teacher’s positions in the Sunday school first.

Wait until you have the right man.

Wait until your people are ready for it.  Plant seeds first.  Mention things you want them to think about.  Let them come to you thinking the idea was theirs. You call that leadership.

Be sure that your decision has matured totally before you act on it.

18.  Wait before making a rash statement when members leave your church.  Be as gentleman when someone leaves your church so that the door will be open when they decide to come back.

You don’t get the big church and then work hard; you work hard and then get the big church.We are afraid that if someone agrees with me, they are our enemy.

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