Office Décor, Manner & Procedure

1.  The office should be decorated in good taste.

  • –  Color coordinated.
  • –  Colors should be warm.

2.  If possible, have two seating arrangements; one business, one relaxed.

3. Have a comfortable waiting room.

  • –  Reading material (non-controversial, no magazines, promotional material, candy, games.)

4.  If your appointment is for a businessperson, do extra things in the waiting room.  (Name of person outside on board, give them a folder, someone to host him, refreshments, give him a book as he leaves.)

5.  Plan good lighting – soft, well placed.

6.  Have a few conversation pieces.

7.  Have plenty of Kleenex.

8.  Dress properly (Conservative if young, shirt and tie, suit for business.)

9.  Choose carefully where to sit, start at informal place and move to desk for business work.

10.  Sit properly; casual for less formal appointments.  (Do you need to relax the person?)

11.  Be careful about odor in the air.

12.  Your desk should look used but uncluttered.

13.  Have a clock visible to you.

14.  Stay on schedule.

  • –  Apologize if time for appointment is brief.
  • –  Tell him how long you have.
  • –  Number method may work.
  • –  Use the notes they bring.

15.  Handle businessmen with extra care.

  • –  Start his appointment exactly on time.
  • –  Be interested in him as a person; he, too, is human.
  • –  Learn all you can about them before they come.
  • –  Tell them that you have heard of them.
  • –  Do not take businessmen on a drop-in basis.
  • –  Ask if you can pray for them; ask about their families.
  • –  Do not witness at first; let enough time pass to win their confidence.
  • –  Sell yourself, slowly and tastefully.
  • –  Have everything you need at hand; plan it out.
  • –  Let him talk about his business.
  • –  You listen intently.
  • –  Do not be too humorous.
  • –  Become friends with businessmen.
  • –  Walk out with them as they leave; introduce them to staff.
  • –  Write them immediately and thank them.
  • –  Use their names often when conversing.
  • –  Always use a proper handshake.
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