Different Types of People In The Bible Who Sought Counsel

1.  Manoah – dad  (Ju. 13:8) came to God’s man for advice on how to rear his son.

2.  Saul – a son, concerning his father’s lost donkeys.

3.  David – a king,  (II Sam. 15:12, I Chr. 27:33)

4.  Ben Hadad – a king of Syria,  (II Ki. 8:8), concerning his illness.

5.  Shunammite woman – a mother,  (II Ki. 4:22), concerning her dying son.

6.  Jehoshaphat – a king ,  (I ki. 22:5-7, II Ki. 3:11,12, II Chr. 18:6) concerning a political decision.

7.  Artaxerxes – a king of Syria,  (Ezra 7:14, 28) had seven counselors.

8.  Solomon – a king,  (Pro. 11:14, 15:22, 24:6)

9.  Moses – a great leader,  (Ex. 14:14-27)

10.  Nebuchadnezzar – a king,  (Dan. 3:24-27)

11.  Saul of Tarsus – a young Christian,  (Gal. 2:1,2) to learn how to grow in grace; to make decisions of a Christian life.

12.  Apollos – a young preacher,  (Acts 18:24-26)

These sought Bro. Hyles’s advice:

  • –  Dr. Rice about moving to Murfreesboro.
  • –  Dr. Hutson about the Sword publication schedule.
  • –  Dr. Bill Rice about building the Tabernacle.
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