Counseling Through The Death of a Mate

by Jack Hyles

Death of a mate:  (Same will apply to divorces)

1.  Recommend an undertaker.

2.  Help in the calling of family members.

3.  Suggest restraint in funeral expenses.

4.  While at their home, provide for their food needs, and plan for food delivery.

5.  Soon, help plan the service, and get a notice in the paper; time, place, music.

6.  Let her know immediately of your availability to counsel at the cemetery.

7.  Remind her again of your availability to counsel at the cemetery.

8.  Go by the house in a week or two to offer your assistance again.

9.  If asked for counsel, discuss the following:

  • –  Where will she live?
  • –  How will memories affect her?
  • –  Is it too big?
  • –  Can she care for the house?
  • –  How much security does the house offer?
  • –  Can she afford to stay?
  • –  Discuss what realtor to call.

10. Warn her about shady offers; suggest she contact you or an attorney before making any decision.

11. Recommend a lawyer.

12. Learn about wills.

13. Learn about investing money and interest rates.

14. Learn such terms and their meaning as, prime rate, T certificates, government bonds, etc.

15. Learn about insurance.

16. Discuss her life and schedule.

  • –  Will she need to fill void time?
  • –  Will she need a job?
  • –  Does she need full or part time?

17. Find out if she needs friends.

18. Do not force anything, only advise.

19. Do not be a part of a transaction, simply recommend an attorney.

20. Advise her to talk to her family members about your advice.

21. Write her occasionally.

22. Go by in a couple of months, assure her of your prayers and offer her your services again.

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