How A $5 Tip Led To Giving The Gospel

Not long ago I was in a restaurant.
I always like to be courteous if I can, as I was taught as a boy to be a gentleman in public. I was met at the door by a little lady who asked, “May I seat you, please?”

I said, “Yes, ma’am.” So she escorted me to a table and asked, “Would you like a menu?”

I said, “Yes, ma’am.” Soon she came back with pad in hand to take my order. It was not a busy time of the day.

She said, “Are you ready to order?”

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Dr. Hyles was a pastor, friend to preachers, and an author.

Perhaps his greatest impact was his fiery yet practical preaching that was unmistakably anointed by the Holy Spirit.

His impact was lasting; and even after his death, his books and sermons are still influencing another generation.

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Exploring Prayer by Dr. Jack Hyles

A great prayer life doesn’t just happen.  It is practiced!

Prayer is an important element in every Christian’s life. Unfortunately, there is little sound biblical teaching on the subject of prayer.

In Exploring Prayer, Dr. Hyles takes a scriptural approach to teach every aspect of what prayer is and how to avail ourselves of this important practice. There are fifty chapters in this study on prayer.

You CAN have a better prayer life!

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Exploring Prayer by Dr. Jack Hyles
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