Exploring Prayer by Dr. Jack Hyles


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Prayer is an important element in every Christian’s life. Unfortunately, there is little sound biblical teaching on the subject of prayer. In fact, many recent offerings have perpetuated false teachings regarding prayer. In 1982 Dr. Hyles taught a series of lessons on the subject of prayer on Wednesday nights at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Later these were published in book form. This book was originally entitled Exploring Prayer with Jack Hyles. The new title is now merely Exploring Prayer. Dr. Hyles takes a scriptural approach to teaching every aspect of what prayer is and how to avail ourselves of this important practice. There are fifty chapters in this study on prayer. These include:

  • God’s Mind Can Be Changed
  • God Wants to Answer Your Prayers
  • The Original Purpose of Prayer
  • God Often Answers Before We Pray
  • Feeling At Home With God
  • Different Kinds of Prayer
  • Pray Without Ceasing
  • The Model Prayer
  • Three Relationships in Prayer
  • Abiding in Christ
  • Praying in Jesus Name
  • Prayer and the Unseen World

If you are a serious student of prayer this book will be an exhaustive textbook for teaching you how to pray as we are taught in God’s word.


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