Preparing To Counsel

by Jack Hyles

1.  Seek counsel yourself; you will remember it later.

2.  Constantly ask for wisdom, (Jas. 1:5) (Tarrying with God is what is missing most often.)

3.  Go soul-winning, (Pro. 11:30); do more of it when you need extra wisdom for counseling.

4.  Read and become knowledgeable about many subjects; (50% of counseling is about marriage, children, and finances.) Read especially How to Rear Children, The Home by John R. Rice, Cathy Rice’s book on marriage, U.S.A. Today, Read Bro. Rice’s two books of question and answers, especially the practical ones, also U.S. News and World Report.

5.  Think about the person and their situation before counseling with them.  You need to have love and practice love.

6.  Pray for wisdom before the counseling session.  (Counseling is more near to Bible preaching than preaching from the pulpit; B.H. Carol’s sermon: I Magnify my Office)

7.  Do not pre-decide your advice.  Give him a chance to tell you his story.

8.  Listen to both sides before advising.

9.  Preach to their needs; this will prevent much counseling.

10. Use letters when possible to prevent counseling; use personalized form letters.

11. Often say, “Can I talk to you right here?”

12. Use the line idea after church.

13. Never make an appointment for the same day unless it is a dire emergency: (wait three days in most cases for marital problems.)  Most wounds heal themselves if left alone.

14.  Total Ritual:

  • –  Claim and beg for wisdom.
  • –  Pray for each name on list.
  • –  Think of each name and pray for wisdom.

Don’t counsel if they tell you they have had counsel and from whom.

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