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Jack Hyles Poetry

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Jack Hyles Unpublished Poetry

For years Dr. Jack Hyles had communed with himself with poetry, but he dared not let others read it. He had all the problems of poetry solved except the meter, the rhyme, and the words-which means that he had none of the problems of poetry solved. To be quite frank, he was embarrassed even to take it out of his briefcase for fear that even in privacy it might be exposed to that “great cloud of witnesses” which might include Browning and Tennyson and a multitude of others who might break out with spontaneous laughter. These poems do not come from the head of a poet but from the heart of a pastor. Please tiptoe down its paths, and remember that its flowers are grown from sincerity and a desire to be a blessing.  Jack Hyles poetry is a tribute to the hardships and joy of being in the ministry.

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