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“I can’t make you love me, but you can’t keep me from loving you.” — Dr. Jack Hyles

My friend and I drove to Pastor’s School that year ( my first) and we decide to go to the church to check it out. We drove into the church/office bldg parking lot and parked. We parked and went into the bldg and went up the stairs to the office area. We were just standing around and out came Dr. Jack Hyles and shook our hands and ask if we where there for the conference and we said yes. We were so excited to meet him on a personal level like this that I still remember this event to this day. I believe his legacy will last for generations as the Lord tarries.

Doug, 1st Pastor's School 1993 meeting

I got saved and was Baptized by Jack Hyles. I remember vacation Bible school he was all ways fighting the devil in the ring and yes this was the old Church. I remember putting Reese pieces out in front of his office as a child maybe that’s why I love them. Oh by the way my Aunt was his secretary years ago Karen and my Uncle did the sound Bob and my Mom did a lot of weddings there Kitty Cooper. My Mom and Dad where married there,but I all ways remember his services all ways fire and brimstone I love those sermons a lot of hitting on the pulpit.


If there was anything that I could say influenced me the most from Brother Hyles it would be his Wednesday night study from the book of Proverbs. I was a sophomore dorm girl. No other book in my Bible is a highlighted and full of notes as Proverbs. I loved how he acted out with people from the audience the many principles found in Proverbs. It was very practical and easy to grasp. Forty years later I am still telling my husband about his illustrations taught from Proverbs.

Brenda, Wednesday night Proverbs study

The impact of hearing Jack Hyles preach during the week we were there was really great. We were taught valuable truths and enjoyed our time there. Later over the years I had taped messages from him to listen to. There are other writers and pastors too who impacted me thru their books.Another growth experience was before I even heard about Jack Hyles.That would be my own excellent Bible Institute, the former NTBI, where the 66 books of the Bible were taught in 2 years. This Bible introduction to young minds was the best framework at the time for me and many others. You lived together and grew like a family 24X7.The closest New Test. Church study and living environment I’ve ever witnessed since the 70s until now. Many grads went on to missionary training to serve mostly outside America as full-time missionaries. This school is still preparing young people to enter into the service for the Lord reaching many lost souls in the world with the Gospel.

John, Church trip to hear Dr. Jack Hyles in the '80s'

When I was 17, my youth group traveled from WV to attend the Youth conference. After great singing and funny skits like Moses and the ten commandos, brother Hyles preached about sacrifice from Romans 12:1-2. Little did I know that my standing that day, offering my life to God as a living sacrifice was the first step in God’s call on me as a preacher. I don’t know if I would be a pastor today if it were not for brother Hyles and his mother.


My Dad (Dr.Charles Sherfey) was good friends with Jack Hyles and my Dad talking about the good times they had together, preaching at places, My Dad going to Bro. Hyles church to preach. My Dad still talked about him, and what a good man he was and has many pictures of Bro. Hyles in his office. My Dad still speaks highly of Bro. Hyles.


In March of 1980, our church family sent Henry and me to Hyles Anderson for the Pastors Conference. I can remember how excited we were! When we arrived, we had no idea what to expect. Someone directed us to the registration line. The signing in was easy enough, but what happened next was a total shock. The theme that Year was, “You’re In The Army Now.” Before we knew what was happening, someone dressed in an army uniform pushed us into a bus where we were informed that we were on our way to Boot Camp. We ended up across town at a park where we learned to march and stood in line for our lunch. We were told that we had ten to twelve minutes to eat our rations, do our metal dishes and get back on the bus.

I gotta tell you I was happy to see the church and the campus when we pulled into the parking lot! We were ushered into the church auditorium to finally get to hear Dr. Hyles. I thought. I couldn’t help but notice though, the huge tent across from the church as we made our way in and wonder what that was all about. I was to soon find out. You see, Dr. Hyles wanted the men and ladies to have separate sessions. I was good with that. What a great idea! After Bro. Hyles welcomed us all, and then made the big announcement that the ladies were dismissed to the tent. What!! I thought, he has got to be kidding!! It’s 30 degrees out there! We are going to freeze to death. He gave us a good send off. He sang “Your Cheating Heart” as we made our way out.

I remember a big snow came that week. After a couple of hours in that ten, it didn’t matter. You see, the lesson we were learning inside that tent from Mrs. Hyles, Mrs. Evans and others made us forget about the weather and the make shift building we were in. Oh, what good memories. I loved Dr. and Mrs. Hyles.

Marilyn, Pastors Conference

I personally have never met Dr. Jack Hyles but I read books on his Sunday school program it’s amazing how many kids must’ve been picked up by a school bus taken straight to Sunday school learn a message be with friends and they drive back home and I imagine they probably challenge the kids to bring their friends. I really believe that if we as parents we have grandparents Sunday school should be the main part of a child’s life there should be no substitution I’m so very grateful that my grandparents took me to Sunday school. One of these days I would like to visit it’s neat to read about it but I think it would be a blast to see it in person. Sometimes I wonder what set Dr. Hyles A part for many other preachers because he had a love for kids and Love for soul winning.

Doug, Let's go to Sunday school

I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Hyles or even having the opportunity o go to hear him preach. My memory is when my Pastor was a graduate of Hyles Anderson College, he would talk about Bro Hyles all the time. So with the internet, I was able to check who Jack Hyles was. Wow, What a great man of God. I heard a message from him with the title IS THERE A HELL! I haven’t been the same since listening of that message. I share that sermon quite often. It’s going to be a great honor meeting him in heaven. Praise the Lord for Preachers like Jack Hyles.Thank You for this Library and May this Library Bring people to Christ and May the Lord get ALL The Glory

Shawn, Greatest Sermon

In 1988 I moved from Mexico to the USA to get a job, work hard and save money. A week after arriving in Chicago, a soul winner from FBC of Hammond, IN, nocked in my door, and asked me a question that I never heard before: “if you were to die today would you be in heaven”? I grew up Catholic, I always thought I was good enough to go to heaven, but he showed me from the Bible that I was not saved. I was saved that date. Glory to God! the following day, Sunday, he picked me up for church. And from that day forward I rode the bus to church on a regular basis. One time a bus worker asked me if I wanted to have a picture of Bro. Hyles? since I did not know Bro.Hyles well yet, I said, NO. As the years passed, I said to myself, I want a picture of Bro. Hyles. So I got me one. I graduated from Hyles Anderson College in 1999 and went to the mission field (Cuba). In Cuba, I met a man, who is a good painter on canvas. I gave him a picture of Bro.Hyles and he paint him on canvas. I hang the paint in my living room. he did such an amazing job, that anybody who sees the paint marvels at it, and ask; who is that man? I always tell them with joy and sometimes with a tear who he was. My Pastor, my mentor, my hero.

Ricardo, An Adult Bus Kid

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