Your Child

by Jack Hyles

In case you’re going to talk about this on the telephone, tonight or tomorrow, I want you to be sure to get it right, because I’m really just going to shell the corn tonight. I’m going to just pull back the curtain and show you exactly what’s behind the curtain.

A lot of you are going to be shocked completely before you leave. In fact, everyone here tonight, is going to walk through those doors, shocked. I’m just going to tell you everything tonight.

All Hell, as I said this morning, is turned loose on your child. Your child. I don’t mean “youth,” I mean “your” child. I’m not talking about youth tonight; I’m not talking about young people; I’m taking about your child. Every weapon that the Devil has is pointed toward your child. He well knows that if he can get your kids, he can get this nation.

When you and I were in school—high school, junior high—we faced two things. That is about all we faced. When we were in school, not only would a girl have been expelled if she had come to school in shorts, she would have been cremated. Who would have heard of such a thing? We had about two things to face and these are the two things: evolution, in some classes, and the dance—the Senior Prom, and that’s about it. That’s all we faced.

Now, we as parents have the perverted idea that when the preacher gets up and says that our schools are deteriorating, that he means we have a few teachers that teach evolution and we have the Senior Prom, or a few ballroom dances. We take our boys and girls to the front door of the school and we shut our eyes and our ears to what goes on on the inside. We are afraid that, if we know what goes on, it might cost us a few dollars tuition for them to go to a Christian school. So we shut our eyes and our ears and we say, “It’s bad, but it’s always been bad.”

Brother, listen to me. Compared to what our schools are tonight, they were Pentecostal revivals when you and I were in school. You’ll know, when I get through tonight. You’re going to know. I’m going to open your mouth, like my mother used to do when she fed me castor oil, and I’m going to pour it in with a tablespoon and I’m going to close your mouth and you’re going to swallow it before you leave this house tonight.

I’m going to try to help your child. If you want your child to go to the Devil after I finish, it’s your business, but I’m not going to let your child go until I try to save him, for God’s sake and decency’s sake. Now, we have the idea that school’s still the same. It’s not the same. More high school students use marijuana tonight than used tobacco when you and I were in school. We don’t want to know. We don’t want to know.

We take the most precious possessions we possess—our youth—and drive them up and we spend more time preparing their lunch basket, than we do preparing their character and their principals and their decency. We have more concern about them going to sit at the feet of heathen teachers than we do sitting at the feet of a Sunday school teacher on Sunday morning. We’re sacrificing our children on the altar of our ignorance and our unwillingness to face the truth.

Now, tonight, I’m going to pull the curtain back, for the sake of your child. I’m going to try, if you’ll let me, to save your child. By the way, if you have a child in the early grades, I’m talking to you, too, but I’ve got the goods, and you’re going to get it tonight and you’re going to be shocked before your leave. My goal? Simply this: My goal is for you to change your mind and send your child to a Christian school where decency, law, order, discipline, and patriotism are and the Bible is taught and real culture is found. That’s my goal.

You say, “Preacher, I don’t think you ought to do that.” Well, you figure out what you think you ought to do, and I’ll figure out what I think I ought to do. We don’t have menus or curb service in this church; we just dish it out. The honest truth is, it’s time we got as concerned about our kids as we are about our poodle. I know people that spend as much money getting their poodles trimmed as it would cost them to send their kids to a decent school. I am one of them, and my poodle’s going to become a hippie poodle!

Now, I’m going to give you three points tonight and each point’s about an hour and a half long. You’re laughing now, but you wait, you’ll be checking that watch and shaking it and holding it and you’ll be so sleepy you won’t be able to see it when I get through.

1. What they face. I hope we have some schoolteachers here tonight. It will help me preach a great deal. I hope we have some visitors that heard what I was going to preach about, or that I was going to preach a hot sermon, who came just so they could make faces. I need a few people like that just to inspire me as I go along. I’d rather be a bookie, or a man who walks the streets trying to sell the bodies of evil ladies, at the judgment of God, than to be a schoolteacher who shakes the faith of innocent youth in the Word of God. I’m going to pay my respects to that crowd, before we leave, and other crowds, too.

Now listen carefully. Please let me have the attention of all the people tonight, I beg you. This is the most important service that many of you ever sat through in your life. What do they face? The high schools have eliminated the dress codes, in most cases, completely. Drive by the average high school, any morning you choose to, and watch the girls walk in, and the boys too, for that matter. Just watch them. My children go to Munster High School. David does and Becky did. Linda goes to junior high there. Somebody said, not long ago, that burlesque is going out. Yeah, it’s going outside to the school now. It’s gone to the school. Shorts! I mean, the kind of shorts that fallen women wore are now allowed in public school systems. No dress codes at all.

I don’t care how you are, no red-blooded—and I wonder if we have any red-blooded, American boys left—American boy can sit in the average schoolroom class, where girls are sitting there in shorts and miniskirts and slacks, and keep his mind on Beowolf and The Lady of the Lake. You guys know it is the truth and you ladies know it’s the truth too. You’ll have some sense before I get through or you’ll be mad, one or the other.

Brother, I’m just tired of the Rap Browns doing all the hollering. Now, I’m just tired of the Carmichaels and the hippie crowd and the Rubens and all the rest of them doing all the hollering. Tonight you’re going to hear it like it is. Let me say this: One of the saddest days in the history of this nation was the day when our school system let the students run the school! So, the dress codes are gone.

I have in my hand, tonight, copies of letters from the National Association of Secondary School Principals. The executive secretary has compiled a group of legal decisions made by courts of our nation. Here’s one case: Two boys, two high school students were expelled for failing to maintain their hair within the limitations of the regulation, which provided that hair should be washed, combed and worn so it does not hang below the collar in the back, over the ears on the side, and above the eyebrows. Boys should be clean-shaven. Long sideburns are out.

The court concluded that the time has come to broaden constitutional protection to public school students, whose claim to dignity, said the court, matches that of their elders. So the District Court of the Middle District of Alabama held that a secondary school student was wrongfully denied re-admission because he wore his hair in a block style, as opposed to the school regulation requiring that hair be shingled or tapered. The court’s decision is contained in the following paragraph, and I read, “Until one’s appearance carries with it a substantial risk of harm to others, it is dictated by one’s own taste, or lack of it.”

School officials do not possess absolute authority over the students. Students in school, as well as out of school, are persons under the Constitution. It goes on to cite case after case where hippies, students wearing shorts, slacks, etc. who have been expelled from school, have taken it to court and won the case. In our land tonight, we face a serious problem because the dress code is being thrown out the window.

You say, “Preacher, what do you mean?” I mean this: I don’t care what the rule is, nobody can live and become a decent citizen unless he has to live by rules! When it gets to the place where students are able to dictate the rules and laws to the administration and faculty, we have a spineless, cowardly administration and an anarchic student body.

I dare anybody, I just double-dog-dare anybody to not like the dress code we will have at the Hammond Baptist High School. I just dare you. If you get by Billings, you won’t get by me, and I doubt if you’ll get by Billings, and don’t you come trotting to me saying, “Well, Dr. Billings is too strict,” because you’ll hear me shouting all the way back to that back hall. We need some strictness, we need some discipline, we need some law and order, we need some respect for authority, and we are going to have it at Hammond Baptist High School, or I’ll burn the place down! You’ll help me. I’ll burn the top and you can burn the bottom, because you can’t reach the top.

There’s another problem our children face: They face the sorriest sex education program that the Devil in Hell could dream up. I preached a sermon, in my own timid style, a few months ago on what’s behind the sex education program in our public school system. I want to review, in a sentence or two, what is behind it.

The bunch of fellows and ladies who were the editors and contributing editors of Sexology magazine, which is a magazine that was sold between the covers of decent magazines, up until just a few years ago, these people who promoted this filth and pornographic literature called Sexology magazine, have started what they call SEICUS. Now what is SEICUS? I’ll give it to you; I have it right here and I’ll give it to you exactly as it is. SEICUS is the Sex Education and Information Counsel of the United States. That’s what we call SEICUS.

These people who are behind the sex education program, are not only transferees from the dirty Sexology magazine, but they are also in every case, (I’ve got it documented, in sermon form. You can order it back there tonight, my little book What’s Behind the Sex Education Program In Our Public School System and you’ll find it documented) in every case, these people in charge of SEICUS, the sex education program that is strangling our public school system, are communist people, affiliated with communist organizations, who have dedicated themselves, not only to destroying our young people, but to destroying America, as we have known it, in our lifetime. Now, if you can’t see that, you’ve got a hole in your head, or you are communistic yourself. You’re either ignorant, or you’re for them.

Let me just show you something here. Here’s a book put out by SEICUS to be taught to first grade students, I think it is. Four and five years of age. I want to read some of it. How Babies Are Made is the title of it. “We have a story about you. Have you ever thought about how babies grow? Have you ever wondered how you were born? In this book, we will talk about how plants and animals and human beings are created.” (Of course, the stupid idiots, they’re not created, they’re born, but people like this are not cultured, either.)

“When your life began, you were very, very small, even smaller than a dot made by a pencil.” Here’s a dot. Isn’t this sweet, so far? This is taught to the children. Now then, “Many living things in this world, even you, began life as a tiny egg.” And there’s a nude body here, there’s a puppy dog, there’s a little chicken, there’s a horse, a fish, and a flower. Now, we’re not halfway done yet.

Here’s a flower, it tells how a flower is born. Here are the eggs, or the see in the flower. It shows how the flower is germinated and how it’s born and the pollen tube entering the egg, etc. and how it comes up, etc. Now we come down to, “Just as it took two things to make this new plant, it takes two things to make animals like chickens and rabbits and giraffes.” And here’s a little female rabbit and a male rabbit, and a female chicken and a male chicken. You say, “How do you tell the difference?” Because the male’s better-looking.

It says here, here’s a male giraffe and a female giraffe and all of them look so loving. You see, they’re about to get together now. This is for four- and five-year-old children, by SEICUS. Then it says, “The plant has eggs and pollen. Many animals, like chickens and rabbits, have eggs, but instead of pollen, they have sperm. The eggs come from the mothers and the sperm comes from the fathers.” Here, we have a microscope and we have two chickens and it goes on to tell how chickens…

Now, I hate to even hold these pictures up, but it shows here one chicken chasing the other chicken, just about to have the act. Then it shows one chicken on the back of the other chicken. Then it shows the inside of the female chicken. This is kindergarten. I wonder what they teach in the high school? This is for 4- and 5-year-old children. They show how that egg comes from the chicken and the hen sits on the egg and the baby’s born.

Now then, we have little puppy dogs here and it goes on and says, “Now do puppies begin?” Here, it shows a little male puppy with his organs named. Yeah, four and five years old. You and I didn’t learn that in biology in high school. Then it has two dogs in the act. Four- and five-year-olds. Two dogs. I won’t even show you the picture. Then it shows conception and it names the organs of the female dog. It shows a picture of the little dog being born; the actual birth.

Then it says, “Just as mother and father dogs take care of their babies, human mothers and fathers also take good care of their babies and love them very much. How are human babies made?” Now, hang on to your seat. I’m pulling back the curtain, tonight, and I’m telling you. It has a nude woman and a nude man. Now, there you are. Four and five years old. Yeah.

“I just can’t afford to send my children to a Christian school.” What’s wrong with you? Then it shows the mother and father in bed, kissing, and it explains what they’re doing. Then it shows the anatomy of the mother and names and shows pictures of it. It names each one. It shows pictures of the baby being conceived and growing in the mother. It shows a picture of the doctor, actually delivering the baby. It shows a picture of the newborn babe and the cord and it shows it drinking at mother’s breast. That’s for 4- and 5-year-old children. I wouldn’t let a teenage boy read it.

Listen. The Devil in Hell has entered into our educational system and into some of the most sordid, wicked, communist, vulgar-minded people in America and they have infiltrated our public school system. Now listen! They can do it, but they’re not going to do it in Hammond without a loud-mouthed preacher stomping and saying it’s of the Devil and from Hell. Now, they can do it, but I’m going to take my stand and they can like it anyway they want to like it and they can say I’m uncultured, they can say I’m unrefined; I say they’re heathen beasts!

Let’s not interrupt the service for anything! I want everybody still and quiet. I don’t care if John Doe has ptomaine poisoning and is kicking outside, I want everybody still and quiet while I preach tonight. Let me ask you a question: Did you have anything like this, with actual pictures? Of course you didn’t. When you were kids in school, nothing like that was taught. You know it’s the truth!

There’s another thing they face. What else do your children face in the public school system? They face magazines and papers like this being sold on the campuses. Now, this may be the thing that gets my head chopped off, but I’ll tell you while it’s on; it’s going to tell the truth. This is a Black Panther magazine, purchased at Hammond High School. Sold, and accepted as such. How many of you folks at school have seen a Black Panther magazine on sale? Right. Sold at Hammond High School.

They passed out some Ku Klux Klan literature not long ago and had in the paper that hate-filth was being passed out at Hammond High School, and I agree, they shouldn’t pass out the Ku Klux Klan literature at Hammond High, but I’ll tell you, if the Black Panthers can, the Ku Klux Klan ought to be able to, too. Here it is. “Attention: Straights, blacks, long-haireds, and bearded-types, and even women, make bread and sell alternatives.” That’s the name of this paper. The whole thing is nothing but a hate paper by the Black Panthers. I wish I had time to read some of it.

Listen to this: “After all, aren’t we a part of American history? D-a-m-n right we are. We build this land of whose riches we are denied. We are tired of listening to white lies about how little George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. We want the resignation of racist, fascist teachers and the hiring of more qualified black teachers. Wake up, black teachers. Unless you wake up and come out of your Uncle Tom bag, you will have to leave, too. Don’t be afraid to stand by your black students’ side, because we are a new breed of fighters. We are strong. We won’t let whitie touch you, or your position. We’ll make it so hard for the school board, they’ll think they’re in h-e-l-l. Choose your corner now, before the bell rings for round two, or get the h-e-l-l out of the ring.”

That’s being sold in Hammond High School. The only reason it’s being sold is because of cowardly administration. That’s the only reason it’s being sold. That’s what your kids are facing. You didn’t face anything like that and you know it’s the truth.

At Highland High School, there’s a paper; a communist paper—admits it’s communist—admits it’s for the destruction of America; admits it’s against the establishment; and, admits it’s for open revolution. It is being sold and the administration knows about it at Highland High School. I’ve seen the paper. I don’t have a copy in my hands, but I’ve seen a paper.

On the front of the paper, there was a reproduction of a piece of art, so called, in quotes, “art” of naked men and women, dancing around in a circle. I’ve forgotten the name, but you know it, probably. I could think of it if I had time, but that’s being sold at Highland High School. It’s time some of you parents woke up and realized you’d be better off if you had a decent child than a colored television set. Sell your car and ride a bicycle, but make something out of your child. They are facing this: Black Panther; SEICUS, communism, no dress codes! What else are they facing?

In Munster High School, recently, they had an assembly that allowed the fellow, who was the star in the senior play, to stand up and speak. He stood up and took the microphone and caused open rebellion and rioting in Munster High School. He stood up and criticized the administration. The students starting running up and down the campus; screaming in the halls; writing vulgar, four-letter words on blackboards. All day long, the school was in complete confusion because of a demonstration against authority. The principal got up and expelled the fellow and by the next day, he was back in school and dictating the terms on which they young people would come back and not cause trouble.

In Morton High School, out here in Hessville, they had about the same thing. In Hammond High, they had about the same thing. Now, there’s Hammond High School, Munster High School, and Morton High School. Let me ask you a question. Why is this happening? I’ll tell you why. It started in the last generation, in our colleges and universities. Now then, the same crowd that was studying at the university in the last generation, is teaching and promoting that kind of stuff at high schools now. The high school is staring to do the same thing the university did a few years ago. Why? Because it’s being taught by the fellows who did it in the university.

What do they face? They face such a situation in our public school system that the traditional Hammond High School—Hammond Tech football game this year had to be played in private, without the public, because they were afraid of having a war at the high school football game. That’s what your kids are facing.

What are your kids facing in high school? It is predicted by intelligent knowledgeable people that 25% of Hammond High seniors have taken narcotics. I’m going to shock you right now, or shock me one. How many of you teenagers, if you wanted marijuana tomorrow at school, could find it? Stand up. There they are. These are the best kids in the country and they know where it is.

My boy said to me last night, he said, “Dad, I know who peddles it at my school, and if I wanted some, I could find it.” Now, there you are. What are you going to say about that? Is that worth a colored television set? Are you going to keep your head in the sand like an ostrich, or are you going to stop and realize that marijuana is as close to these kids standing right here, as their going to a certain person and saying, “Let me have some of it.” They know where it is. Thank you, kids. Now, if that doesn’t shock you, then I believe your head is in the sand. What do they face? How many of you students have been in a class where Catcher in the Rye was required reading? Would you raise your hand? Better still, stand up. Where Catcher in the Rye was required reading. Thank you, kids. I want to read you some of it now. How many of you have been in a class where Catcher in the Rye or Of Mice and Men or the one that was substituted for Of Mice and Men, Caine Mutiny, was required reading? Whether you read it or not, the teacher asked you to read it as required reading? Would you stand, please? Thank you.

Now I want to read you some of it. This book has been required reading for boys and girls in this room tonight, in our public school system. I’ve just taken about three pages that I’m going to read you. Now, listen carefully. “In the first place, I’m kind of an atheist.” The entire story is about a man who ordered a prostitute to come to his room. Now, I haven’t read the book, I just opened it at random. I mean, I just took it and opened it! A fellow was in his pajamas. A fellow (they call them p-i-m-p-s) had come and said he’d get this fellow a prostitute for five dollars.

She comes to his room and then, after it’s all over, they want to charge ten dollars. Now, that’s Catcher in the Rye, required reading for high schools in this area. Here’s some of the words. “‘Yeah,’ she said,” the prostitute, “That’s been tough.’ Then she sat down on my g-o-d-d-a-m-n lap. ‘You’re cute.’ ‘I don’t know,’ I said, but she wouldn’t get off my g-o-d-d-a-m-n lap.”

Same page. “‘If you just had a g-o-d-d-a-m-n operation on your g-o-d-d-a-m-n what-ya-ma-call-it.'” Next page. “‘In the first place, I’m sort of an atheist. I like Jesus and all, but I don’t care too much for most of the other stuff in the Bible. Take the disciples, for instance. They annoy the h-e-l-l out of me, if you want to know the truth.'”

Next page. “‘Anyway, when I was in bed, I couldn’t pray worth a d-a-m-n. Every time I got started, I kept picturing ol’ Sunny.'” that’s the prostitute, “‘calling me a crumb-bum. But I knew d-a-m-n well it was.'” Over here, “‘Boy, my voice was shaking like h-e-l-l.'” Down another paragraph. “‘What for,’ I said. ‘God?’ My ol’ heart was d-a-m-n near beating out of this room. I d-a-m-n nearly fell over on my c-a-n. He was a huge…” son of a female dog and it doesn’t say female dog. Required reading.

Now, I’ll tell you what. I want to hit somebody right now. I just want to see blood run and the first little pip-squeak—I don’t care if we’ve got the head of the English Department of Hammond High School here, if you like this rot, you’re as sorry as the Devil. You need to get out of the school teaching business, get on your knees, get right with God and make a respectful living digging ditches somewhere.

You say, “Well, I’m mad at you.” Well, you’re not half as mad as I am at you! The very idea of your taking our young people and corrupting them with this filth out of Hell! I’m almost as mad at the teacher as I am at you parents, who allow your kids to be sacrificed on the altar of this rot.

Next page. “‘My voice was shaking like a b-a-s-t-a-r-d.'” Next paragraph, “‘God ahead, yell your g-o-d-d-a-m-n head off.’ ‘Fine,’ ol’ Maurice said.” Maurice is the man who sells the women. “‘Want your parents to know you spent the night with a w-h-o-r-e?'” Next paragraph. “He had me right up against the d-a-m-n door.” “‘Leave me alone,'” next paragraph says, “‘get the h-e-l-l out of my room!'”

Now, I have read only this many pages out of this book. There are over 200 pages in the book, and I’ve read only this much. People, you hear me and you hear me well! If you read such trash as this, you’re going to face God for it and you’re not worth the price that Jesus paid for you on the cross of Calvary.

Now, here is your accredited school! If accreditation is what you want, here it is! Give me some decent kids. I know what somebody’s going to say, “You’re a rabble-rouser.” You know I’m a rabble-rouser and I’m a fed up rabble-rouser, too. You say, “Well, I’m just going to go pray about it.” Well, God said to Joshua, “Get off your face, it’s no time to pray! Do something!” Pray at night, while these rascals are asleep, but while they’re awake, give them fits.

There it is. Did anybody ever read anything like that when you were in school? You didn’t know, did you? I haven’t even started yet. In the first place, that’s not even culture. That’s pagan heathenism. Now, you can talk to students, and what do they face? They face cursing teachers. How many of you students have heard a teacher curse in your classroom? Would you raise your hand, please? Okay, parents, is that what you want? Thank you, kids.

How many of you folks, thirty or over, have ever heard a teacher curse in your classroom? Would you stand, please? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Okay, thank you. You think they are just like they were when you were in school, don’t you? Just like they were when you were in school. I’ll tell you what, you have to go to a public school if there is no other school to take its place; now, we have one to take its place.

I’ll tell you what, Becky, David, Linda, and Cindy will dig ditches and shovel snow, if they go to one of these state universities, where the teachers get up and curse. I’m not paying a dime of my money to have a teacher stand and curse God to my children. You say, “Brother Hyles, you’re just downright mad.” You better know I’m just downright mad. I am mad at anybody spending money, hard-earned money, to send a kid off to a place where 12,000 students will riot against Cambodia, riot against the President, cause havoc and trouble in general so the Black Panthers can speak, the communists can speak, indecent folks can speak, and a Gospel preacher is not even allowed to stand on the platform.

You’re going to answer to God for every dime you are spending on one of these heathen schools that is shaking the faith of our kids. You say, “Well, my child hasn’t been shaken.” Yeah, but you’re paying for a school to shake the faith of others. You say, “Well, I’ll get up and move my membership.” Well, while you’re here, you’re going to hear it like it is. Now, if you leave tonight, or if you stay for ten years, you’re going to hear it like it is!

What do they face? They face teachers drinking. Less than twenty miles from where I stand right now, and not in Chicago, either; the Calumet region, a high school play had nude characters on the platform. Nude characters on the platform!

What do they face? School plays with cursing, profanity, suggestive language. What do they face? Every kid in this room knows this is correct. You know what goes on on these senior trips, don’t you?

My boy, David, told me about the seniors having a get-together at Munster High School and they were supposed to serve orange drink, but they put vodka in the bottles in place of the orange drink. Folks know that is going on, and the teachers know that is going on, and the administration knows that is going on. What do they face? Not only do they face all this sorry trash, but I’m going to make these statement, too: They’re getting inferior educations. Now, you just stomach that pill and take a lot of water with it. I mean to tell you, they’re not getting a good education. “But,” you say, “they’re accredited.” Yeah, they’re accredited by some uncultured, unrefined, ungodly heathen! You’ll get more culture and refinement and real education at Bob Jones University in one week than you’ll get at Indiana University, or Illinois University, or the University of Wisconsin, in a lifetime.

I’m a little sick and tired of these people saying, “Well, I want my child to get a good education.” Well, then, send them to a place where they’ll get a good education! Listen! If this weren’t going on, I’d still want to start a school because I want my kids to get a better education, more refinement, more culture and more dignity than they’re getting in our school system now. Anybody can graduate from high school these days. How many folks do you know that couldn’t make it through high school? How many kids do you folks know, in high school, that flunked all the way through and finally got out, because it was time to get out? I’ve got news for you. When you get that diploma from Hammond Baptist High School, you’re going to look and say, “Whew! I earned it.” Right? Right.

Now then, the worst part.

2. The influence on our children. Now listen to me carefully. I’m not talking about the children in America, or the children in Hammond, I’m talking about the children sitting in this room tonight. Listen to me. You say, “Brother Hyles, it just won’t influence my children.” You don’t know it, but it already is.

Now, I’ll just tell you I’m going to pull the curtain back and I’m going to say things I’ve never said from this pulpit. I’m doing it because I want you to get your kid a good education. Somebody said, “Are you going to have a football team? I might go.” The very fact that you asked that question means that you’ve already been affected by the secular education system. Why don’t you ask if they’re going to have a prayer meeting? I’m talking about our kids.

I want the deacons to stand. I know five of your children now who drink liquor regularly. Five of them. I mean, deacons, your kids. I know five of them now who drink liquor regularly. I won’t, but I could call their names right now. Don’t ask after the service, don’t call me and ask me, but I know five of them, right now, who drink liquor regularly. Thank you, fellows.

It’s not affecting our children, is it? It’s not, is it? Yes, it is, and a lot of you people say, “Well, thank God! If there ever was a good boy, it’s my boy.” People have said that to me and I know their boy has been drinking liquor. I had a man stand up to me, not long ago, who said, “Boy, if there’s a good boy in this church, it’s my boy. He doesn’t need to go to a Christian school,” and I happen to know that boy has been on marijuana. The dad thinks I’m a screwball.

I know of three young people in our church, three that I know of, children of our deacons and Sunday school teachers—I want all the teachers and deacons to stand, please. Three of you have children that I know are on narcotics, right now, and you don’t know it. Three of you, right now. Three of the best folks that we have and, in many cases, you’ll say, “It won’t affect my child,” but it’s affecting your child already. Thank you.

I know a young person, he’s in this room right now, who mailed marijuana to friends and he’s been attending mid-week service here since he was a little boy. I’m not talking now about the people at Hammond High; I’m talking about First Baptist Church. I’m not talking about Sunday morning people, I’m not talking about just Sunday night people, I’m talking about Wednesday night people!

I know another young man who was fired from his job for passing marijuana on the job, and his parents are some of the finest folks we have in this church, and they were standing awhile ago. I know of a deacon’s daughter in this church who confessed to me that she undressed, in the nude, in front of a boy, whose parents are faithful attenders of our church.

Are you listening? I know of seven homosexuals, who heard me preach this morning. Seven! I know! I could call their names, just like that. I won’t, but I could, and in every case, they’re faithful attenders at our church. I know of two of our high school boys who have been sleeping together for weeks, and their parents are in this room tonight. It won’t affect my children?

Listen, when are you going to stop and take the advice of your pastor, like you would your doctor? When are you going to trust the judgment of somebody who loves you and loves your children and is spending his time and preaching his heart out and trying to help your kids and help them grow up? Your child. Your child. Are you listening?

I know of a son of a deacon in this church who, for ten months, has been going out with a thirty-year-old man, stripping his clothes off and having weekly, homosexual activities. There are young people sitting in this room tonight whose parents would never believe it, but it’s true. They’re attending, regularly, communist-front organizations and dope-pushing organizations at the local high schools. I know who they are.

There are people in this church who have said to me, “My children don’t have to go. We have them so well-trained at home they don’t need a Christian school.” I know some people who said those very words, whose children are attending right now, the SDA Chapter meeting of the local high schools and getting ready to go off to a college and join the hippie crowd, and someday, break the hearts of the parents, all because the parents didn’t have enough sense to listen to a man of God who’s trying to help them.

You say, “Brother Hyles, I’m getting mad.” Well, if you want to get mad at me because I’m trying to save your child, then you go ahead and get mad. Now, then, get ready for a shock. You think you’ve been shocked so far. This is an interview book taken from one of our young people in Sunday School. It’s an entire book of questions, each page has a question on it and each child has a number. “How old are you?” There were seven children who answered these questions. Here’s one who’s fourteen, fourteen, twelve and a half, one twelve and a half, one fourteen, one fourteen, one fourteen. Now a single one of these children, who answered these questions, is over fourteen years of age, and every one of them attends our Sunday School.

“Where were you born?” Greenville, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois; Kalamazoo, Michigan. “What is your zodiac sign? What school are you attending? What school do you plan to attend next year?” Not a one has our high school, here. Not a one.

“Do you think sex education is good, or bad?” First kid said, “Good. I think it is, honestly, just as important as anything else.” Next kids said, “Good, good, good, good, good, good.” Our kids. “Why?” One said, “Because it’s just as important as math is.” Next student said, “Because it’s very important.” Next student said, “Because it’s part of life.” Next student said, “It’s important for maturity.” Next student said, “Because ‘it go’.” Next student said, “Because ‘it good’ for life.”

“Are you one of the silent majority?” “No, yes, no, no, no, no.” Do you know what that means? That means that these, our Sunday School teenagers, are part of the left wing. You don’t know about it, do you? No, you don’t. Look, you’re not going to sit your boys and girls down at the feet of people that are trying to destroy America without your child being affected by what they hear.

“What do you think about rock music?” Get this. Now, our kids: One, “Honest, beautiful, important, dominate.” Next one, “Great!” Next one, “Great!” Next one, “Great!” Next one, “Great!” Next one, “It’s okay.” Next one, “It’s soul and great!”

Next question: “According to words (lyrics), name a few songs you really dig the words to.” The first teenager from our church from our Sunday School this morning, wrote, “The New World Coming,’ ‘Put a Little Love in Your Heart’.” The next one wrote, “In the Ghetto” was his favorite song. Next one, “‘New World Coming,’ ‘I’m living in Shame’.” Next one, “‘I’m Living in Shame,’ and ‘Love Child’.” Next one, “The Popcorn and records of the James Bro. and Led Zeppelin.”

“Well, what are your three favorite songs on the charts, now?” One, “Love Or Let Me Be Lonely,” “Cecilia,” “Which Way You Going Billy,” “Woodstock,” “Cecilia,” “Which Way You Going Billy,” “Turn Back the Hands of Time,” “ABC,” “ABC,” “Let It Be,” “Jam Up and Jelly Tight,” “I Want You Back,” “Jam Up and Jelly Tight.” There are your kids.

“Who is your favorite male singer?” “Elvis Presley,” “Donovan,” “Elvis Presley.” “Who’s your favorite female singer?” “Mama Cass,” “Mama Cass,” “Dionne Warwick,” “Peggy Lee,” “Bobby Gentry,” “Mama Cass,” “Mama Cass.” “What’s your favorite TV show?” One, “Get It Together With Mama Cass.” Two, “Get It Together.” Next, “American Bandstand.” Next, “American Bandstand.” Your kids. Not being affected, are they? Huh? No, in your home, they’re not being affected, are they? You just don’t know what’s going on.

“With your number beside it, put anything you want to put on this free page.” One, the peace mark. Next, the same one, the peace mark of the socialist hippies. “What do you want to put on this page?” “Love + Peace = Happiness.” Number six said, “”Sex,” Number seven wrote two words that I would never read publicly. It has to do with a lady’s body, a portion of it, and a man’s.

“Who’s your favorite actress?” “Mama Cass Elliot.” “Laura Parker.” “Liza Minelli.” “What TV show do you think is crumby?” “Star Trek.” Get this, “The news.” Get this, “Sports and news.” “What is your opinion of Abby Hoffman?” Now, get this one. “Great! Honest. Unique. Knows the score.” Two, “Okay.” Out of the seven, only two said they didn’t approve of Abby Hoffman. “Do you think that the conspiracy trial is fair?” One, “H-e-l-l no!” And then, the most filthy word you’ve ever seen on a sidewalk or restroom and the word “no” after that. Your kids.

What are you going to do with them? Are you going to keep flushing them down the cesspool of our public school system, or are you going to put them in the hands of people that believe the Bible and the God of the Bible and the Christ of God? They’re your kids.

Get this one. “One said, “The Sterile Cookoo.” Two said, “The Sterile Cookoo.” Sounds like a good Christian movie. “Mentally, do you live in the United States?” This was taken off one of our young people in Sunday School, Sunday before last. “Mentally, do you live in the United States?” One, “No.” Two, “No.” Three, “No.” Four, “No.” Then he says, “I live in a …” and it says a filthy word. “Are you concerned with the Vietnam War?” One says, “I’m,” and a vulgar word, “sick of it.” “What are your favorite drinks?” A twelve and a half year old child said, “Booze.” “What male singer has the best voice?” “Elvis Presley.” “What female singer has the best voice?” “Mama Cass.” I don’t know who she is; I don’t watch her. I’ve been missing something. “What is your opinion of Mayor Daley?” Vulgar, four-letter words all the way through.

“Do you smoke?” “Once in a while.” “A few times.” And, “Yes, very much.” “Do you believe in God faithfully?” “Not faithfully.” “Do you think this country’s really free?” “No.” That’s it. It’s not affecting your kids, is it? Look, I don’t care who you are. I don’t care who your kid is, your kids are affected by those who teach them. Your child spends more time under the influence of godless school teachers than he does any other single influence in this world.

You say, “Well, my child graduated from a public high school and he turned out okay,” but that’s not 1970, brother. Influence on them is not to mention the wrecked homes, broken marriages. It’s not to mention the girls who have come to me, who have met Catholic boys at high school and married them, and their lives have been wrecked and ruined. Their children have been promised away to a hierarchy that steals the unborn child to its own religion.

Now, the question comes, what’s ahead? All right, it started on the college campus. Whatever’s on the college campus today will be in the high schools tomorrow. That’s where the teachers come from. Do you want to know what kind of Christian schools we’ll have tomorrow? Go to Bob Jones University today, or Tennessee Temple today. Do you want to know what kind of public schools we’ll have tomorrow? Go to I.U. today, or Purdue today and Northwestern today, and you’ll find what kind of public schools we’ll have tomorrow.

What’s ahead? All right, here’s one thing ahead: A new organization’s been started called the New University Conference. Here’s a publication. “We formed the New University Conference to make it possible for us to continue waging the collective fight for liberation from American capitalism, racism, imperialism, and male supremacy. We will create universities which support radical graduates, radical opinion, and the radical example of the internal democracy.”

The N.U.C. philosophy has chapters among faculty, graduate students, and others at elite universities, state universities, and junior, community, and specialized colleges across America. “We are to oppose military and corporate intrusion on the campus, participate in mass anti-war activity, educate themselves and others about the imperialist drive of American capitalism, contest the right of corporate officials, acting under the impulse of government boards to define educational needs in terms of their own interests, create radical curriculum, send delegates to national N.U.C. meetings.”

Here it is. “Formed at a time when imperialist war and domestic oppression, N.U.C. is a part of the fight for the liberation of all peoples. We commit ourselves to political struggle for a new America. A new American form of socialism. We commit ourselves to replace a system that is an instrument of class, sexual, and racial oppression. It is one that serves the people.” There it is.

It’s one of many organizations on campuses across the country allowed to operate under the guise of freedom, to destroy the freedom you and I have fought and bled for and lived under, as Americans, and here it is, allowed! Do you want to know what the high school going to be like in the next generation? There’s the college.

The University of Chicago, another university, is having draw-ins of nude students. Male students, stripped nude draw pictures on the nude bodies of the female students. Administration allows it. Nude bathing at the University of Chicago, less than 20 miles from where I stand, nude bathing going on. Swim-ins, draw-ins.

I’m going to say this, and I’m going to make you mad, but I’ve done it anyhow, and if I haven’t, I want to. I’m in a “making mad” mood tonight. Listen to me carefully. Stand up, son.

Stand up, Dave. I’d rather that boy there go to Vietnam than Indiana University. Sit down. I’d rather him die for freedom than be taught filth and rot by folks trying to destroy freedom.

“Well,” you said, “they’re in the minority.” Somebody said that 12,000 demonstrated against the Cambodian involvement and they didn’t even know what the Cambodian involvement was about. They had no idea. They were just a bunch of enemy arsenals and so forth that America was trying to destroy. They have no idea. They just say, “Oh, they’ve invaded Cambodia!” and 12,000 demonstrated.

Now, you say, “Preacher, I’ve got a student there.” Well, I’m trying to help you. Now, if you want to send your kids to Hell, go ahead, but you’ve got a pastor that’s going to try to keep you from it. You say, “Brother Hyles, my boy, or my girl will not be influenced.” They already are influenced because many of them are sitting right here and criticizing me tonight. Why did I choose tonight to preach this sermon? Number one, because the college kids just got home, and two, because vacations start pretty soon and I wanted to get them when the college kids are here and before the rest of you left.

You say, “Brother Hyles, it hasn’t influenced me.” No, but you’re putting your tuition and your money in an institution that is dedicated to the destruction of our way of life. Even the best schools. Hang on to your seat. See this? Dr. Billings, stand up and describe what these kids look like to you. You’ve never seen that picture before. Just stand and tell what kind of kids those look like to you.

(Dr. Billings) “Hippies. Long side-burns, mustache, girls immodestly dressed.” (Dr. Hyles) All right. Let me read it to you. “Concern on campus. Faces in the crowd at Wheaton College.” There it is. I just thought I’d make the rest of you mad. “As students gathered Thursday for outdoor forum on events of recent weeks, including military activity in Cambodia and violence on Kent State University campus.” Wheaton College. The founders are weeping in their graves. What’s ahead?

There’s an article called “Hidden Messages in Today’s Songs Urge Young People to Use Drugs.” Now, I’ll tell you what you do. You check the messages written, or cloaked, by this hippie music and you’ll find, ladies and gentlemen, that our young people are being trained and inspired to use drugs in the words of these songs. Here’s one: “When I put my spike into my vein, then I tell you, things just aren’t quite the same when I’m rushing on my run and I feel like Jesus’ son.”

What’s ahead? Deterioration? More corruption? What’s the hope? The hope is for churches across the country to do what we’re doing tonight. That’s the hope. The only hope we’ve got. You says, “My child is only in the sixth or seventh grade. It’s not important they go now.” Look, we have young people right now who are in the best families we have in this church that can’t even get admitted to our school, because their character will not allow it.

Some of the best parents we have and some of the best people in this church, now, we can’t even let your child come. Why? You waited too late. They are now freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, we can’t let them in. We’re not going to let people come to our school who push dope, are we? We can’t do that. You say, “Brother Hyles, they need the school.” Yeah, but if we’re going to have dope pushers in our school, why take them out of the public school? If we’ve got homosexuals in our school, why have a school? What we’re trying to take the kids away from is a homosexual.

If you’ve got a child in the sixth grade, you get that child in school, right quick like. If they’re in seventh or eighth or ninth or tenth or eleventh or twelfth, what can you do? I say this: Give to the school. Give to the school. You people that didn’t stand awhile ago, you can give, and you can give more, and you can do more to save America by supporting schools like this, than anything else in the world.

Send your child to Hammond Baptist Middle School and Hammond Baptist High School. If you can hear what I preached tonight and let your child go back into that cesspool, either you are unspiritual, or you’re not willing to face what’s going on. By the way, I haven’t begun to tell you everything.

You say, “Brother Hyles, I can’t afford it.” All right, sell your house and buy one that’s ten thousand dollars cheaper. Sell your car and buy one that costs four-fifty a year less. Just quit eating out, save the money. Quit drinking cold drinks, eating chewing gum and candy and potato chips and save that money. Ladies, take in washing and ironing. Men, get another job. Get your child out of this cesspool and into a place where they can come in the morning and the Bible is in their hands and they can spend 30 minutes with the Word of God, with Ron Purkey and others.

Every week, I’ll be teaching and talking with the boys and girls, when I’m in town and can. I’ll be talking to the boys and girls at least once a week. Bring them to a place where the basketball team will have prayer and by soul winners, and where a Godly man, who’s been born again, will teach the boys character and discipline; where a life is a direct act of God and not evolution and atheistic evolution; where you walk down the halls at school, and you won’t see shorts, mini-skirts, slacks, bell-bottom trousers, long hair, beards, or beatnik mustaches; where clean-cut, dedicated kids sit at the feet of cultured, fine, educated, Godly people, who believe the Bible.

You say, “I can’t afford it.” Bah! Bah! If you’ve got to miss a meal and eat two meals a day, do it. Do it. If you’ve got to eat toast for breakfast, with some lemon squeezed in a glass of water, do it! Get your child into school.

A young girl came to me, just the other night, and tears rolled down her cheeks. From one of the finest families we have, she began to cry and said, “Brother Hyles, I want to go to school, but my mother and dad said we can’t afford it.” I looked at that precious child and just wondered how important that child his to her mother and dad. We have children now, having prayer groups, praying that parents will let them go to the Christian School.

Young people, listen to me. I love you, and you know I love you, and I’m for you and you know I’m for you. You do everything you can to get to the Christian school. I’m not trying to promote attendance and I mean that. God in Heaven knows it, if you don’t. He knows it. I’m not trying to promote anything except I’m trying to promote, in the lives of you children and you parents, the right kind of education, so you will have the proper training when you grow up.

Listen, you school teachers, visitors, maybe after the service you’re going to meet me out in the alley. Well, I’ll be glad to meet you in the alley, but I’ll say this: You’re wasting your time. First place, I don’t have time to talk to your trashy kind of crowd. I didn’t say schoolteachers were all trashy; I’m saying a schoolteacher who’ll defend what I’m preaching against tonight is trashy. You’re not cultured, you’re not refined, you’re not educated, you’re not American, you’re not a Christian, you’re not decent, and I’ve got more respect for a decent garbage collector than I have for you, the garbage spreaders.

They’re your kids. I tried. I tried. Kids, stand up again, would you? All sixth through twelfth. They’re yours. They’re yours. They’re yours, and I tried, and I have tried. God led me to start a school and you asked me to; and I have no goals set. I’m not trying to have 300 or 400 or 500. I have no goals set, but my goal is for this girl right here and this girl right here and this boy here to have an opportunity.

My goal is for them to become the very best they can become; patriotic, decent, loyal, Christian Americans, who are upright and upstanding, and how have not had their faith in the Word of God shaken, and who have not had to go around a bunch of pot and marijuana and LSD at school, but young people who have had the very best, under God, that we can give them, and I assure you, we are doing our best to give it to them.

Now, I’m not going to ridicule anybody that doesn’t go to the Christian school. God knows that’s true, and I’ll not be preaching on this much, anymore. I’ve chosen tonight, because I believe God wanted me to do it. They’re your kids, and I tried. I tried.

Let us pray.

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