Take Me Back

by Jack Hyles

a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

Take me back to days of laughter
Days of sunshine that we shared
Days when love was unimportant
‘Cause pleasure was always there
Days when I just went to your house
Or else you just came to mine
Days when there would be no question
Of what to do with our spare time
Days when class was unimportant
We had no one to impress
Days when we felt no rebellion
We were to full of happiness.
Days when our trouble was mischief
And our problems were real small
Days when we’d rally round the one
Who was just about to fall
Days of alughing 24 hours
Seven days out of the week
Days of seeing life as simple
No reason not to be meek
Days of walking to the ocean
Sitting on a sandy shore
Talking much about just nothing
While we were learning much more
Days of playing practical jokes
Doing harmless jolly things
Packing each new day with memories
Of all the joy that life can bring
Days when I knew you were my friend
And I didn’t need a reason
We just always came together
No matter what the season
Days when loyalty was our style
It just came naturally
All our friends were just accepted

They had no faulty we could see
Days when we were tenderhearted
When God was big we were small
Our hearts would quickly answer
The Lord Jesus’ loving call
Though age brings responsibility
Separate ways we had to go
Though we had to meet some heartache
Things we didn’t care to know
Did we have to leave the loyalty
The love we gave with openness
It’s not the childhood I long for
But the simplicity I miss
Though I know that we are older
Things will not look just the same
Still… Take me back to things that were
For I wish they’d never changed.

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