The Secret

by Jack Hyles

a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

Of course She hasn’t any problems
Everything’s going her way
The good life she has been given
Bet she’s never suffered a day
The lonely girl heard the bold comments
Those words had been spoken for her
Her grief was covered by a smile
For this is what she preferred
Once we spoke loudly and said
I have troubles of my own
The listener just smiled and replied
But I have a broken home
Since then the girl has been silent
Never a word does she breathe
But she and God have a secret
A heartache we can’t conceive
It’s true that her life has been good
Countless blessings she’s known
But her deep dark secret is there
She’s got problems of her own
Sometimes her desire is to share
What others won’t understand
But of course she has to keep quiet
And hold tight to Jesus’ hand
She is thankful for this secret
It’s brought her close to the Lord
It has harshly matured her and given
A peace others can’t afford
So the girl dwells not on her sorrows
Nor cries out to even a few
For she’s wise enough to know
They may have a secret too.

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