This Moment Today

by Jack Hyles

a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

The wind blowing my hair and whistling through the trees
The aloneness of the beach and roaring of the seas
The birds morning song and sun’s rays of light
The twinkling of a star and a calm and quiet night,
The squirrel that we notice scurrying on the field
The rabbit that we smile at while he nibbles on his meal
The puppy and the child running in a race
The tiny baby reaching out to touch his mothers face
The mother who just happened to cook my favorite dish
The penny I threw in the pond after I made my wish
The father who encircles me with arms big and strong
The sister who giggles and joins in With a song
The husband in time of need grasping his wifes hand
The friend who gives a knowing glance, and silently understands
The loved one that says Hello by a long distance telephone call
The peace you have with God when you’ve given Him your all
These are life’s richest treasures yet no money did. I pay
All I needed to possess them was this moment today
I have seen the richest joys that life has to give
And In order to behold them all I had to do was live.

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