I’m Joe Boyd’s Tent!

by Jack Hyles

Jack Hyles Poetry- I'm Joe Boyd's Tent


Our love began when we were young – footloose and fancy free; We courted ‘cross the Lone Star State – just dear Joe Boyd and me. He loved my flaps and pegs and poles – I loved his tender heart; Where’er he went through all these years – I always had a part.

I often wondered why he chose to give me his first kiss; To all the strangers passing by – I was a homely miss. I know that I’m not pretty – when judged by all the books, But I don’t care what others think if Joe Boyd likes my looks.

My brothers and my sisters, all, went into other fields; One went into circus work, for monetary yields, Another chose to place his flaps with charismatic guys, Another worked at county fairs – another deemed it wise

To give his life for carnivals, and other worldly fun, But somehow that was not for me – ’twas not my race to run. I gave my canvas all to God – His perfect will to know, And praise the Lord, He called for me – to work with Brother Joe!

My great-grandfather served the Lord – for all his life was spent In service for our blessed Lord – as Dwight L. Moody’s tent; My daddy also felt the call – for ’twas his early choice To house the folk who came to hear – ole Billy Sunday’s voice.

I’ve seen him weep; I’ve heard him cry; I’ve watched him laugh and smile, For dear ole Brother Joe and I have traveled many a mile. No words can tell the joy I have, or know the peace I feel When snuggled in our traveling van with Joe Boyd at the wheel.

I’ve spent my life on vacant lots – and weathered many a storm; Tornadic winds and hurricanes oft altered my poor form, But when the lightning struck at me -and angry winds would blow, In fear I’d look through trembling flaps – and there was Brother Joe.

He’d comfort me and calm my fears and keep me standing tall, His big ole arms and shoulders broad would help me not to fall; And soon the morning sun would rise, and brightness filled the sky, I’d feel the warmth of Brother Joe – I really loved the guy!

My brothers often laughed at me – those fancy circus guys; They thought me quite fanatical – and said I wasn’t wise To give my life to simple things – like sawdust covered aisles When I could be in county fairs – with all their uptown styles.

They’d ask me why I didn’t go, to those exciting towns To house exciting trapeze acts – and pretty girls and clowns, But I’d just smile and tell them – that there’s something they don’t know – The peace of serving our great God – and dear ole Brother Joe.

Sometimes I’d feel within my breast – a little jealous tuck, When Joe would preach inside a church and leave me in the truck, But we were joined in union by a Power from above; He ne’er preferred this pretty “miss” – cause mine was his first love.

My flaps have wept a tear or two – along the sawdust trail; When Brother Boyd would really preach, and scream, and rant, and rail. I’d be so proud of my teammate – I’d feel his broken heart And thank the Lord for making me – a very vital part.

Do you know what? Perhaps I’m vain – but I can’t help but feel That we, I mean the two of us, did something very real. I sorta think we did our part to keep our country free By traveling up and down the land – just Brother Joe and me.

But there’s another one I love – my teammate’s lovely wife, Who stayed and prayed behind the scenes – and sacrificed her life. She gave up many a luxury – to help to save our land; She never had a normal life – and seldom saw her man.

She had to rear their Bubba and their Amy all alone, And tho she’s hurt for many years – her pain was never shown; And when the Judgment Seat has come – and her rewards are given, Dear Edith Boyd will surely have – a special place in Heaven.

So dear beloved friends of God – right now I’m mighty proud That thousands here tonight will stand – and join to shout aloud The praises of my blessed boss – who’s traveled ‘cross our land Just preaching, teaching, winning souls – and being God’s own man.

He laid aside his luxury and all his earthly fame; He put aside his shoulder pads to play a better game. He packed away his uniform and counted it but dross, And in its place he lifted up a long and heavy cross.

I’d like to be in there right now a-sharin’ in the fun To stand beside my buddy while he’s standin’ in the sun; I’ll stand alone, packed in the truck – and shed a few warm tears For all that Brother Joe and I – have shared down through the years.

Whate’er you guys will do for him – will truly be deserved, Because the freedom of our land has surely been preserved Because my pal gave up his life – o’er forty years ago. I’m mighty proud of him tonight – my good ole Brother Joe!

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