When Heaven Responds To Earth

by Jack Hyles

Jack Hyles Poetry- When Heaven Responds To Earth

Does God really know what I am doing? In Heaven, are they concerned about my burdens, my problems? Do they respond to what I do? While feeling a bit insignificant, I convinced myself again that Jesus does care and that Heaven is interested in earth’s activities and that there are some things we can do that affect Heaven. Of course, the greatest of these is winning a soul to our Saviour.

Can Adam’s seed perform a deed
To cause a stir in Heaven?
Can God’s console be e’er controlled
By earthly mortal leaven?

Oh, yes, ’tis true, that what we do
Affecteth Heaven’s portals;
For angels sing and timbrels ring
By actions done by mortals.

An earthbound man can lift his hand
And direct Heaven’s chorus;
And, in His plan, we Christians can
Have angels working for us.

God’s blood-washed own can stir His throne
To mighty acclamation;
Then give decrees to silent trees
To clap with adoration.

The Christian’s cries can organize
A great angelic army;
For seraphs speed to meet the need
When saved ones find it stormy.

When man doth sigh, he pulleth nigh
The heart of his dear master;
A whisper here can turn His ear
And make His heart beat faster.

A Christian may God’s organ play
With his own fleshly fingers;
And often can employ God’s hand
When ‘fore His throne he lingers.

And when he learns, His Father yearns
To be his private tutor;
While in God’s care a falling hair
Engageth His computer.

Yet there’s one thing that always brings
The Sons of Korah’s chorus;
As Asaph’s choir doth soon aspire
To sing and hover o’er us.

While angels sing, the loud harps ring
With cherub adoration;
Sweet notes are born from Gabriel’s horn,
And heard through all creation.

While saints are shouting all about
And seraph’s voices raising,
A song’s prepared to be compared
With Magdalenic praising.

What is this ploy that bringeth joy?
‘Tis when a dear soul winner
Bears precious seed to those in need
And bringeth back a sinner.

When Christians go to men below
And tell the old, old story;
‘Tis their bright hope to pull the rope
That rings the bells of glory.

Then angels shout and dance about
And Heaven rings with laughter,
When one believes and hence receives
His gift of life hereafter.

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