by Jack Hyles

a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

Instead of complaining about the cold
And feeling blue as the snow’s looking old
Feel the satisfaction of the morning air
As it puts color to your cheeks and russles your hair
Instead of griping cause the clouds are gray
And planning to be down cause the sun’s gone away
Greet the satisfaction of the morning air
And thank God that in your heart you have sunlight to share
Instead of rushing to get out of the chill
Don’t consider life a burden consider it a thrill
Feel the freedom of walking through the morning air
And having peace with God who all your burdens can bear
For it’s not how the sky looks that causes folks to smile
But the way I see the sky makes my life worthwhile
And it’s not the sunlight I’m given that will make me glad today
But the sunlight that returns after I’ve given it away.


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