The Flower

by Jack Hyles

a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

Look at that beautiful flower
How it has blossomed over the years
It’s fragrance is sweet and refreshing
The prescence of it brings cheer

To look and behold its beauty
You would never believe its past
It was slow and stubborn in growing
But it’s blossomed and bloomed at last.

This plant was unwilling to grow
It was oh so stubborn and small
It’s master tended it with care
Now it’s the most lovely of all

So I am unwilling to grow
I am oh so stubborn and small
Master, please tend me with care
Make me the most lovely of all.

Others will rise up much faster
With no trials and troubles at all
They’ll probably be plucked much sooner
While I wait for the Master’s call.

Come flowers just need their Master
Or they’ll never bloom at all
So with your own care please tend me
Make me the most lovely of all

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