My Dream

by Jack Hyles

a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

I will set my goals on mountains
While others climb just hills
I will seek for God’s divine plan
While others seek just thrills.

I will live to better myself
When others have already arrived
While others walk slowly about
I will flutter my wings and fly.

I will listen to advice and counsel
though others say they know it all
While some are feeling so much pride
I’ll take heed lest I might fall

I will live to give myself out
While others are taking in
While others are grasping to be loved
I will seek to be a friend

While others want answers to their needs
I will take answers to all men
While some want a brighten world
I’ll just brighten the corner I’m in

I will study to learn the things
That others already know
While others are getting too old
My desire will be to grow.

I’ll never take for granted
While others just don’t have the time
While others are crying to be first
I’ll stand in the back of the line

Ill follow this dream forever
While others live on memories
While others sink deeper in sin
be what God wants me to be.

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