The Diamond

by Jack Hyles

a poem written by Dr. Jack Hyles

Look at that beautiful diamond
how it sparkles after all these years
It’s beauty is shining and brilliant
To the lover in love it brings cheer.

To look and behold its brilliance
You would never believe its past
It was dull with no shine at all
But Its brilliant and bright at last

This diamond’s brilliance was hidden
It put forth no shine at all
Then the Master cleansed it with care
Now its the most sparkling of all.

So Master my brilliance is hidden
I put forth no shine at all
Dear Jesus, please cleanse me with care
Lake me the most sparkling of all

Remind me while others are happy
And I’m drowning in troubles and fears
That nearly all of God jewels
Are simply crystalized tears.

Some diamonds simply need cleansing
Or they’ll never shine forth at all
Master, please crystalize these tears
Make me the most sparkling of all.

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